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Vishing is the Newest Phishing Scam

As if phishing scams aren't enough to deal with, a new twist has been added to the phishing dance. We need to remove the phish scales from our eyes to be aware of how crooks think, and try to keep a step ahead of them. Perhaps this information will assist you to do just that.

As you already know, phishing is the scam used when you receive an email probing for your private information such as passwords, account numbers, and other personal information. Generally in a phishing scam the email will contain a url to a spoof website that is a copycat website of one you normally do business with such as a bank. The thieves then hope you will fall for the copycat site and submit your password and other pertinent information so they can hack into your account.

The newest trend that has evolved from the phishing trip is referred to as "vishing". Most already know what it means to get taken on a phishing trip, but what is vishing? Vishing is a variation within the email to attempt to get your information, but not through the Internet. With a vishing scam the phishing email you receive instructs you to call a phone number. When the number is called an automated line requests you to submit private data such as your account number and password. In a vishing scam the spoof phone number called may pose as a bank or other entity that you normally do business with. To protect yourself against a vishing scam, a good rule of thumb is to never call the phone number provided within an email.

Taking extra precautions may sometimes seem to be an added hassle, but in the long run it may save you from becoming a victim to a vishing scam. As we're heading upstream we must each watch out for the phishing hook. But, now we must also keep our eyes open for the vishing lure. Please don't swallow their bait!