Thief Proof Your Purse

When you go to the grocery store and use a shopping cart, you will find the little seat belt to strap a child in. Until now, I never thought of using that strap for another purpose. One of my forum friends shared this terrific tip on how to protect your handbag or purse from a purse snatcher!

This is a great technique to slow down a potential purse thief, and possibly deter them from considering your purse as a target. If they attempted to grab your purse or handbag, they would quickly discover there is too much effort to do so. Here's the tip from my forum friend Debbie.

So many times I see women leaving their purses in their shopping carts, and when they walk off and leave it there to look at other things, they leave their purse there just by itself. I have found that using that little strap in the child seat of the cart is great for wrapping it through my purse strap and locking it up tight so it will not be so easily taken off with. That little strap can be pulled through the basket part and will easily lock up your purse.

Thank you Debbie for sharing that terrific tip for cancelling a crooks phishing trip! They won't have much luck phishing to grab your handbag!

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