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A One Step Strategy Against Identity Theft

We live in an unpredictable world. Events occur regardless of what strategies we may take to prevent them, and we can become a victim of any event regardless of our denial that it could happen to us. For example, what is your strategy to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft? Your response might be, "Strategy, what do you mean by strategy?" Most likely you are taking needed precautions, right? Or, maybe not!

Here's one simple step to take to increase your protection against identity theft, and it's a step you can do right this second, if you haven't already! As I mentioned it's very simple, and will take very little effort! Simply reach for your wallet and remove your social security card, and store it in a safe, preferably hidden place, within your private residence. By removing your social security card from your wallet or handbag you just completed a simple step to increase your strategy against identity theft. That is, unless you have placed it someplace obvious in your home where a thief could find it!

Please also remember to keep other documents with your social security number stored safely. Those documents are things such as pay stubs, legal contracts and tax returns, to name a few. Are you wondering why you should not store your social security card inside your wallet? Here are some reasons why:
  1. The first obvious one is due to the fact that you may lose or have your wallet stolen. Sure, a robber can break into your home too, but if you're clever, a thief will have greater difficulty finding your social security number within your home than inside your wallet.

  2. If you carry your social security card inside your wallet, all the other information needed for a thief to steal your identity is there along with your social security number! That information is accessed from your drivers license or identity card, which has the following: Your name, photo, address and your birth date.

  3. Your social security card coupled with a credit or debit card is also a deadly financial mix!
In a nutshell, if you store your social security card inside your wallet or handbag, you just provided a thief with a quick one step opportunity to perform identity theft, but if it's stored somewhere else you just completed a one step strategy against identity theft!