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Keep Your Eyes Peeled

We all want to believe that the world is full of honest people. Thank goodness many are honest, but unfortunately there seems to be far more who just never caught on to the fact that life is more rewarding when we're honest than when we are dishonest.

All thieves are of course lacking the honesty trait, and they are always on the look-out for a quick way to make a buck without any regard for others. A quick lesson to learn is that either we must keep our eyes peeled for what a thief will do, as they keep their eyes peeled open for opportunity.

One of my forum and blogging friends Tricia, shared this story:
A friend and I were traveling, and we stopped at a McDonalds in a fairly safe town to eat. We were sitting there and my friend needed more ketchup. He left his seat, and a woman came up to me asking directions on how to get somewhere.

Since I've traveled the area often, I started explaining what way she needs to go and even turned around and pointed what way she needs to go when she leaves the McDonalds. She thanked me, and left.

My friend came back and asked me where his wallet was. Unknown to me, he had set it on his tray and I didn't even notice that he had left it there. The woman took it while distracting me for information.

We looked for the woman, but she was gone. He never did recover his wallet. Luckily, he didn't have too much money in it and he remembered the telephone number for his credit card to cancel it.

Just goes to show you need to be careful everywhere.
This story serves as an excellent example that we must keep our eyes peeled, and also keep our valuables so potential thieves cannot be tempted. Thank you Tricia for sharing your story!

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