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Fire to Fry the Phish

So you're cruising along on the Internet and you land on a page that is considered to be a high risk suspected phishing site. Problem is, how do you know? Thanks to modern technology there are more options available to identify such phishy business. Here's a quick tip for the day to locate one such tool!

If you are a security minded individual you may be surfing with Firefox, which offers a new extension for their browser. Appropriately named, "FirePhish Anti-Phishing Extension" you many want to check out the extension. Their program alerts you if you landed on a suspected phishing site. However, some find the program annoying because it adds another toolbar.

Although I surf with Firefox, I generally like to wait until the bugs are worked out of things before getting too excited about trying a new gizmo or software extension. If you check it out you may find that it is or isn't right for you, but at least it's another potential way to help fry the phish. Tarter sauce anyone?

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