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A Child Predator's Favorite Tool

Attention all parents! Here's a quick tip for protecting your child from potential approach from a predator. I'm sure you are very proud of your child, and love to show your child off. When doing so please keep in mind that there are some ways you may make your child a greater target to unwanted friends, and dangerous individuals.

One of the quickest ways to encourage a predator to prey on your child is by providing the person with the easiest tool for them to approach your son or daughter, in order to gain their trust. What is the tool you may be freely handing out to predators to approach your child? Your child's name! Please think twice before placing your child's name on an article of clothing, backpack or on any other item your child carries or wears in public.

With your child's name publicly displayed a predator can easily gain your child's trust. When they're able to gain the attention of your child by calling them by their name the predator has an instant edge in winning their trust. An individual that is able to refer to your child by name will form an instant bond with your son or daughter, making it far easier for them to sway your child toward trusting them.

Though your child may remember they have their name on the garment they are wearing, in their mind their name spoken by an individual provides them with a false sense of security. So before doing so, please consider the potential consequences of publicly displaying your child's name!

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