Are You SURE You Won the Lotto?

How excited would you get if you received a check in the mail informing you that you won the lotto? Most people would get pretty excited and the check would burn a hole in their pocket fairly quick.

Unfortunately there are individuals receiving such a check in the mail along with instructions for claiming the remainder of their prize. Why is it unfortunate to receive a check in the mail informing you of winning the lotto? It's unfortunate because it is most likely a scam, and when many people receive those checks, they get all excited and hopeful over it. Even if their excitement and hope is only for a moment and they realize it's a scam, it's certainly a cruel trick to the emotions.

If you receive notification through the mail of winning the lotto, you should immediately be leary. The various lottery commissions don't notify people through the mail of lotto winnings, but none the less the scam artists send out letters with checks in a manner similar to this woman's experience:

I received a check in the mail for $1750 that is for tax and clearance fee from supposedly the "XYZ LOTTO COMMISSION", and a letter instructing me on how to claim the remaining amount of 163,220.00 by Oct 27.

That is a typical example of the type of letter an individual may receive through the US Mail. If you receive one of these types of letters through the US Mail you will want to take that to your local Post Master and report it to them. Please don't just throw it into the garbage! Scams like this need to be reported in order to help protect others who may actually think the scam is legitimate.

Cashing one of those checks will bring terrible consequences, as well as responding to their offer on how to collect the remainder of the fake winnings. Please help others to not take the bait by reporting it to the necessary authorities.

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