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Phishing For YOUR Information

Every angle and approach to get your bank account information, and for people to find others to launder their dirty money is out to get someone if they don't keep a look-out. With the fact that many of the crooks that come up with these ideas are stupid criminals I guess that's why they seem to think everyone else is ignorant too.

Yet another email is now circulating to attempt to capture peoples banking information by claiming you are owed a measly $20.00 and some odd cents. Here is one of the latest scams coming through emails to phish for bank account information. We changed the name of the individual, but of course his name was most likely bogus to begin with:


I am Dr. Ripoff Man, my office monitors and controls the affairs of all banks and financial institutions concerned with foreign contract payments. (Yeah, right dude, and I'm Alan Greenspan).

I am the final signatory to all foreign transfers of huge funds moving within banks both the local and international levels in line to foreign contracts settlement. I have before me the list of foreign contract payment files, which are due to be transferred to their nominated accounts.

Meanwhile, we identified some of these accounts to be ghost accounts, unclaimed deposits and over-invoiced sum etc. Your name was among the under listed contractors expecting their funds to be transferred into their accounts, on this note; I wish to have a deal with you as regards to the unpaid fund. (Yeah, I'm sure you would like to strike a deal to get someone's bank account number dude, but we aren't all as ignorant as you think!)

I have the file before me and hope the data's are correct and un-tampered unless you reconfirm your banking details for me to properly authenticate them. As it is my duty to recommend the transfer of these surplus funds to the federal Government Treasury and Reserve Accounts as unclaimed deposits.

I have the opportunity to write you based on the instructions I received two days ago from the Senate Committee on Contract Payments / Foreign Debts to submit the List of payment reports expenditures and audited reports of revenues. Among several others, I have decided to remit the contract sum to your nominated account following my idea that we have a deal/agreement and I am going to perfect the paperwork legally. (Well, at least one thing he has right is where he states this whole thing is his idea! And, yeah right, like HE'S concerned about doing things "legally").

1. The total sum of USD $20.8M will be transfered into your account I will provide you after you have confirmed the transfer of the fund into your account by telegraphic Transfer (T/T), confirmable in 3 working days.

2. This deal must be kept secret forever, and all correspondence will be strictly by private email / telephone and fax, for security purposes. (Oh, yeah we want to be sure to keep this a secret from the FBI, right dude?)

3. There should be no other third parties as most problems associated with such payments are caused by their agents or representatives. (Oh, you mean like by the representatives of the FBI, Secret Service, or a legit banking institution?)

If you AGREE with my conditions, l will advise you on the next line of action and immediately the fund transfer will commence without further delay as I would proceed to fix your name on the Payment schedule instantly to meet the 10 working days. (So, you really think we are all so stupid to believe that you will deposit money into our account once you receive our account information? Maybe if you hang a bigger carrot than a measly $20.00 you'll actually get someone to take the bait).

Dr. Ripoff Man

Chalk another one up for the stupid criminals!

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