Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam
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MySpace Becoming a Criminals Place?

It should come as no surprise to parents of teens that their children are vulnerable, and a potential target of predators that hang around Internet sites such as MySpace.com. Obviously MySpace.com or anyone else for that matter, is not going to monitor the conversations between minors and potential predators, but the parents certainly need to be alert of potential phishy business there!

By now the story that broke earlier this week probably comes to mind about the 16 year old girl who had been communicating with a man from Jordan. Her ongoing communications with him then led to her taking a flight across the world to meet him. Fortunately the FBI became involved early enough, and the young lady was returned home safely. It is my hope that more parents will get involved with what their teens are doing on MySpace.com and other Internet sites, as it certainly is not the responsibility of those sites to play guard dog, nor is it possible.

It's easy to assume that ones child would not fall prey to such a situation, but obviously that is not the case. By the time one becomes a teen they are still lacking the experience and knowledge of how manipulative psychology will, and can be used against them to gain their trust from a stranger.

We no longer live in an environment where we can simply instruct a child or teen; "don't talk to strangers", and hope that it will be the knowledge the child needs to outwit a predator. When a teen communicates with someone through the Internet they really have no way of knowing who they are communicating with, nor what the persons true intentions are.

Many criminals waiting in the shadows both night and day, are hiding in between the text of messages. Heads up parents! The Internet and places like MySpace.com have become a criminals place to hang out, and prey upon your children!

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