Word of the Week: Scam

Word of the Week: Scam

Phishing and Money Laundering Scam

Yet another scam is born to tempt and to lure! Today I received a spoof email phishing scam. Upon further investigation I discovered that the scam uses a website as a front to commit money laundering. The spoof email came posing as a well known Internet career site, complete with their logo.

I want to stress the fact that the email was a spoof - only purporting to be the career site, but was not. We reported the spoof email to the career site whose logo and trademark had been fraudulently used. Below, we've changed the company name that was offering the career, but essentially it read as follows: 

"The Laundering Group Inc., is a leading venture capital firm. With over 550 million in committed capital under management, the firms partners have invested in 150 companies that are leaders in their industry categories.

We are seeking self-motivated, goal-oriented individuals that wish to earn as much as their spare time permits. No experience necessary. We offer financial aid to help you create and manage your own business and will provide motivating opportunities.

General qualifications including owning and ability to use an Internet-ready PC; ability to work in a high-energy speedy team environment, and the dedication to create your own success in a fast-paced challenging career. Basic banking knowledge is a plus though not required.

In return for your commitment you'll receive unlimited commission, excellent benefits and growth potential.

For consideration please email resume to: blahblahblah....

Or view our website at blahblahblah...."

The first tell-tale sign that the email was a spoof was due to the fact that it came from a job seeker site that I've never provided my email address to. Secondly, I decided out of curiosity to take a look at their website. Please note, when you receive such spoof or phishing emails that you NEVER want to click on any links provided in their email. I instead typed the URL into my web browser to investigate their website.

Upon arriving to their site I promptly sought the so called "job opportunity" to read the details, which reveals the opportunity is a money laundering scam. The job description included the following:

"You will have the opportunity to increase your income substantially, working as an independent contractor. We will help you create and develop your own business, and you will receive a 9.5% commission from every processed payment.

To begin, you will be assigned to one of our agents that will guide you throughout the entire process. The agent will help you set up your own company to be able to deal with us, and our clients. You will receive both technical and financial aid required in order to open a business. Next, opening a business bank account is the first step to begin your activity. There will be an initial small deposit fee required by the bank, which will be made available to you by us before preparing the application.

Once you have properly accomplished these steps, all you have to do is to receive the payments from our clients, and to redirect them to us, using your new business bank account, following the instructions given by our assigned agent.

For each transaction you will earn 9.5% from each processing! For example: you may receive a $5,000 wire transfer to your bank account. You withdraw the money and keep $475.00 (9.5% of $5,000) for yourself. As you see, the operations are very easy to understand and complete, and we are here to guide you."

We encourage you to share your comments on your experience so we can help others protect themselves from these crooks.

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Deborah said...

Another way to verify a sender of email is legitimate, is to do a full header of that email. If the word "mud" comes up anywhere, it is not a legit. sender.
Also, be automatically suspicious of 'offers' from the UK, or any other forign country. The U.S. laws do not apply to those scammed by residents of a forign country.
Turn any suspicious email, (with full headers), over to the support dept. of your email provider.