Create Employment From an HTML Resume

If you're seeking employment, and especially during a tough economic trend you need an added edge over the hundreds of other applicants. An html resume could be just what you need to get your resume out in front of the masses, but you may be wondering how you can create an html resume if you don't have a website. No problem if you have access to a free service such as Google Docs!

If you have either a gmail account, or a Google account you already have access to Google Docs, which is quite easy to use. You can have an html formatted resume ready to go in no time, and be able to provide the link to your resume in your emails to the prospective employers. Here's an easy step-by-step guide for how to do it. These instructions will show you how from a gmail account.

Step 1.

Locate the "Documents" Link, and then select "Create New". If you prefer, you may then select a resume template, which you can then modify with your information. Assuming that would be your choice, now select "From Template".

Easy enough so far, right? Okay, now you're ready to scroll through hundreds of resume templates to choose from, again assuming you wanted to chose from the Google Docs resume template gallery.

If not, you could also select from an existing resume document on your computer, to upload into Google Docs, from their new "Upload" feature, which you would see on the right top side of your gmail screen, or you could select from the menu beneath, "Create New". Let's move on and assume you desire to use a resume template from Google Docs.

In order to save time, you can take advantage of their search box function to filter your search to only view the resume templates. Otherwise, it will take quite a bit more time to locate the right resume template mixed in with all the other types of templates. Here's an example of filtering your search, but be sure to write in the word, "resume" without the quote marks in the search form:

Step 2.
Select "Use This Template" button next to the template you desire to use.

Step 3.
Now you're ready to modify the template by highlighting the existing text, and filling it in with your personal information. Upon completion of the resume document, be sure save it! Now you're ready to grab the link to send to your prospective employers in your emails.

Step 4.
Select the "Share" menu, and then select "Get Link to Share".

Step 5.
In the "Get the Link to Share" box, check the box, "Allow anyone with the link to view." Otherwise, you will need to password protect the link, which would require the employer to login to retrieve your document.

You probably would not want to password protect the document, because that may be an annoyance to the prospective employer, or a step they will not do.

Copy the link to your Google Doc resume you created, and include the link in your email to the prospective employer.

One last point is to be sure to NOT put your social security number in your resume! You obviously would not want that to be placed onto any document that is transferred over the Internet!

I hope this is of help to you for creating a dynamic resume, which may help you to stand out from the masses applying for the position you're seeking. In closing, here's one of my earlier posts, for unemployment humor, if there is such a thing. One needs to at least find some humor at difficult times in life.

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