Money Illusion of Flipping Houses or Realestate

What was once a potentially a lucrative idea, house flipping has become a nightmare for some. With the economic changes causing the realestate market to die, house flipping for many perhaps turned into a flop. With the significant drop in realestate prices in most of the US realestate market, the hope of the house flipper to make a profit has dwindled. Only the real savvy house flippers probably survived, but for the rest it may have only been an illusion as their house flipping has flopped, and they perhaps are now stuck with a mortgage for a much longer term than they anticipated.

To every nightmare there can be some whimsy or humor found somehow! If you like the topic of flipping houses or flipping realestate, then you might find "Flip or Flop Home Edition" realestate game to be fun, or you might want to try some other money games. Have to find some humor in life to make things go lighter! So, the question in regards to house flipping is, "Will it flip or will it be a flop?"

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