The Get Rich Quick Money Illusion

A common erroneous perception or money illusion in our society, is the belief that a person can get rich quick. Although it may seem that some get rich quick, most often a person who seemed to get rich quick didn't do it overnight, but rather over many years.

Most of us live in a push-button society full of marketing gimmicks and marketers sensationalizing the truth, making it easy to be fooled into believing the road to wealth can be easy, quick, and painless, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who have acquired their wealth and who have become self-made millionaires did it as a result of many years of diligence and hard work, exceeding that of an average person. Quite simply, most take years to get there, and generally after failing multiple times prior to succeeding. There really isn't a get rich quick route, and most people don't persevere long enough to make it happen because something or someone discouraging them sets up a detour along their path to get rich.

The next time you are presented with a potential get rich quick opportunity, take a great deal of time to digest the information! Do extensive research and make sure it's not going to lead you down the path of a money illusion, resulting in much disappointment, and possibly a large financial loss that you may not be able to ever recover from.

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