Forex Losing Streaks Reversal

If you're learning how to trade the Forex, you are probably already well acquainted with Forex losing streaks, which can become very discouraging if you allow it to overcome your positive outlook about trading. A losing streak in the Forex, or any other type of market can quickly erode a large percentage of your liquidity, or completely eliminate it! Here are some ways to handle Forex losing streaks that I've learned from personally.

1. Use only a Forex demo account until you are able to master reversing your losing streaks. It's better to lose play money than your real liquidity!

2. Get away from trading for a while. You may need to take a break for days, not just hours to overcome Forex chart overload, and to overcome your market anxiety.

3. Re-evaluate your strategies and learn from your mistakes.

4. Protect your remaining liquidity by trading in smaller units until you are confident that you have successfully reversed your losing streak.

5. Replace your time away from trading to study Forex lessons and tips. You'll return to Forex trading re-energized with greater knowledge to gain control of your Forex losing streak.

6. Determine if your losing streaks are caused by improper entry points, exit points, or both.

7. Master control over your market fears and market greed, both of which can contribute to Forex loss of liquidity.

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