Fix the US Economy With 40 Trillion Dollars

Recently there was an article titled, "How to Fix the Economy" which has been circulating through emails. It proposes for the US Government to pay 40 million dollars each to 40 million people over 50 years of age severance pay for early retirement. The article incorrectly stated it would cost 40 billion for the Government to do this, however the correct dollar amount is 40 trillion, not 40 billion! Did you get that message in your inbox, and did you catch the mathematical error?

Although the concept sounds great, 40 trillion dollars far exceeds our current national debt, so they would have to reduce the dollar amount significantly to make it work. To read the full story, you can check out Snopes.

Times are tough, and time will tell what will develop with our economy. In the meantime, if our Government wants to pay me a million bucks retirement severance, I wouldn't complain - lol.

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