The Value of the US $100.00 Bill isn't Worth the Hassle

Things are bad enough for the value of the US dollar these days, but the value of the US one hundred dollar bill seems to no longer be worth the hassle! Spending $100.00 bills is no longer an easy task as many retailers and merchants scrutinize your $100.00 bill before accepting your purchase.

Spending the US $100.00 bill has become a greater hassle than a convenience, since it's a favorite for the crooks who produce counterfeit bills. So the next time you get cash from your bank, think twice about the $100.00 bill unless you want to be hassled nearly every time you use it or have to wait for the merchant to use their counterfeit testing ink to validate your cash.

US bills in smaller denominations, have been one of the most widely used bills for counterfeiting $100.00 bills, so that's obviously why merchants and retailers scrutinize it before accepting it. As for me, I no longer want the hassle of using a $100.00 bill, so it will be $20.00's for me!

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