Trading Forex without Indicator Tools

Beginning to learn how to trade the Forex isn't easy. Indicator tools therefore become somewhat of a crutch, but there is a better way to trade! I've been practicing without using indicator tools, and I'm finding that it's far less stressful and helps to eliminate emotional trading decisions.

Eliminating the indicator tools forces a person to also learn price action, market pattern recognition, and candle interpretation. In the long run, you truly are better off if you can eliminate the market indicator tools. At this point I have made one exception, and until I become more proficient I've decided to continue using the Zig Zag indicator, which assists me with pattern recognition.

If you're going to attempt to learn how to trade currency on the Forex, I encourage you to become enthusiastic about learning price action, pattern recognition, and candle interpretation so you can become a better trader. If you are either thinking about trading the Forex, or have already begun, you might want to learn from some of my personal Forex lessons. Happy trading - or better yet, just stick with trading with a demo account, which equals zero losses in real dollars!

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