Forex Scalping Allowed

If you're looking to trade currency pairs on the forex, you will need to determine what your trading strategy will be, and select a broker that fits your trading style. For example, if you're planning to become a scalper you will absolutely want to make sure the broker you choose will not only allow scalping, but not frown upon you for doing so.

As I'm in the process of determining which forex broker and forex software I'll be going with, I'm also researching which brokers will allow scalping. Some of my trades I'll plan to scalp, while other positions I'll be holding longer. But seriously speaking, just using a demo account is satisfying from the standpoint of curiosity, and far less costly! It only takes time, and not real money!

Keep in mind that some brokers do not want scalpers because they feel it cuts into their potential profits, therefore if scalping the forex is a strategy that you wish to implement, then you'll want to choose the right broker!

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