Consumer Cash Inconveniences

Paying for merchandise should become easier, not more difficult. As we move toward greater advances in technology surrounding the movement of money, merchants lean more toward credit and debit card purchases. As merchants gravitate toward preferring customers to use credit and debit cards, when a customer uses cash it sometimes seems they are less appreciated.

My habits are not to slam any particular retailers etc., so I'll leave the name of the retail establishment out, but I'll share my beef about the inconvenience to utilize cash with them. While in line to pay for my purchases the next available cashier waved me forward only to then find out she could not ring up my cash purchase because her register was only set up to take credit and debit cards. She then informed me I would have to wait for the cashier in the next lane to complete my purchase with cash, and then waved to the next customer in line. How annoying to be pushed to the side while paying for a purchase with cash!

Unfortunately, it's all signs of the times! Thanks to technology, cash customers are being treated in a less favorable manor compared to those who use credit and debit cards. Sure, I also have credit and debit cards, but for small purchases it's nice to just pay cash, but it is becoming a hassle to use cash with some merchants. It's also not fun to have your $100.00 bills examined as though you're passing counterfeit bills. Just my complaint for the day! Thanks for hearing my two cents worth!

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