Penny Pincher Tip to Remove the Sting

Last year I read a tip somewhere online that gave a great reason to save your pennies - well at least one penny that is! This isn't my usual penny pincher tip, but then again this certainly could pinch your pennies because it may save you from spending money at a doctor's office or worse yet, a hospital!

I'm into home remedies whenever possible and today I just happened to be in need of one when I recalled the tip I read about a copper penny. I had just returned to my car after a walk along a nearby beach when suddenly I felt a searing pain on my left forearm. Then I saw it - a huge bumble bee had just stung my arm - ugh!

The last time I got stung several years ago I ended up going to the hospital and I was determined to not have to go again this time. That was when I remembered that the copper in a penny somehow counteracts the venom from a bee sting! Fortunately the stinger wasn't left in my arm, and I also happened to have a penny at hand!

Now I'm a believer in this home remedy because it worked amazingly well! I applied the penny with pressure for about 20 minutes, which immediately eliminated the pain from the sting and the small amount of swelling that began to occur went away! Now it's been about 4 hours since I was stung and there is only a red mark from where the stinger went in. Other than that there is no swelling and no pain!

So, never underestimate the power of one copper penny! In this case it saved me a trip to the doctor or hospital. Be sure to save your pennies and keep some in your car and first-aid kit! Hey -- this really is a great penny pincher tip since you only have to spend a penny to treat a bee sting! (Unless of course you have a more serious reaction causing you to get treatment from a doctor or emergency service!)

UPDATE: Days 2 - 4
The first day of my bee sting the copper penny tip worked great. However, during the early hours of the next morning I had to apply a penny again and left it taped on due to irritation from the sting.

Later that same day (day 2) my arm began to swell and although the swelling remained fairly localized, it became obvious that the penny itself was not sufficient treatment. Now I'm on day 4 and the localized swelling has begun to go down but a red area about 3 inches out from the bite still remains.

Obviously, if you react badly to stings as I normally do, you will want to seek other treatment. My conclusion is that the penny worked as a great method to help reduce the amount of reaction given the fact that it was the only resource I had available at the time to treat the sting, but certainly should not be viewed as the only remedy one should seek. That's my personal experience and hope my penny pincher tip helps to remove the sting!

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