Penny Pincher Tip for Dollar Menu

With the current prices for gasoline many of us are looking to pinch more pennies in order to keep up with the fuel costs. One way to pinch your pennies is by making use of the dollar menus at your favorite fast food restaurant when you eat out.

Yesterday I made use of the dollar menu when I needed a quick snack while running errands. At our nearby McDonalds I ordered 3 boxes of McNuggets off their dollar menu. There are 4 nuggets in each box, making it a total of 12 nuggets from the three boxes for the total price of $3.00. If I had ordered one ten piece nugget box from their regular menu it would have cost me $4.39, resulting in a savings of $1.39 simply by ordering off the dollar menu! Plus, I received 12 nuggets instead of only 10 by using their dollar menu!

The total savings of $1.39 for this penny pincher tip was well worth the savings when I then pulled up to the pump at the gas station for my last errand. Of course with the current price of fuel $1.39 savings to use toward gasoline probably only bought me some gas fumes - lol, but some fumes is better than none!

So, the next time you stop to get a fast food snack, be sure to always check the dollar menu first so you can pinch more pennies!

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