Money Smart Educational Solution

The more you can educate yourself and your children about money, the greater your defense to build a healthier financial future. Have you stopped by the FDIC's site to learn all you can about money from their computer-based training videos? I just went through several of their videos and found the videos to be a great resource to help educate your children too!

There are numerous money smart videos to help increase a person's knowledge about banking, acquiring a home mortgage etc. They are free to use and can be accessed from the Internet at any time. Stop on over when you have some free time and run through their Money Smart program. It's not only great for adults, but for educating your kids too! Just one note -- they require you to enable cookies on your computer to access the videos.


Humanus said...

Being well-educated in finance sphere is of great importance. My parents taught me how to control my budget and thatnks to them I know how to deal with money now.

Tammara Nelson said...

Thank you humanus for your comment! Yes, it is a blessing for you that your parents taught you to control your budget! Many parents don't teach their children about budgeting, so consider yourself lucky! :-)