Money Illusion of Gambling

If there was ever a big money illusion that tricks most of us to yield to it's temptation in hopes of winning big, it's gambling and playing games like the lotto and slot machines!

It's easy for each of us to want to believe that we deserve to win a big lottery, sweepstakes or that we'll get a big windfall of money, but the reality is that most don't, and the odds are against most of us.

Although gambling can be a fun means of entertainment, for some it becomes an unhealthy money robbing addiction and it can completely destroy ones finances, relationships and marriage.

So, just a quick tip to always be careful that you don't get carried away by the money illusion of gambling or relying on the hope and dream of winning a big lottery - lol! Stay focused on saving what you can for a rainy day, rather than spending or gambling it away.

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