Penny Wise Pound Foolish

Would it be possible for someone to be "penny wise, pound foolish" if we no longer had pennies? Just to clarify if you're not familiar with the phrase, "penny wise, pound foolish" it refers to applying wisdom to save pennies on purchases, but being foolish with larger amounts of money and spending habits.

To me even pennies have value as I've always made use of pennies while at the store, rather than collecting them in a jar because I figure they'll just have to be spent later, so why not now? My reasoning is that it's much easier to spend pennies rather than taking time later to cash them in from a jar full.

For me I would not consider myself to be either penny wise or pound foolish, but probably somewhere in between. In that I love a bargain from a second-hand store I suppose some would think of me as being penny wise, however if I need a specific item that could be difficult to find at a second-hand store I may spend more in gasoline attempting to locate a bargain then to simply go to the department store.

Speaking of spending money and being penny wise pound foolish, the irony is that the cost of copper and the manufacturing of a penny costs more than a penny, so would that not mean our Government is really pound foolish?

What would we do without pennies? I think we can certainly still make use of pennies in our system of currency, but do feel they should be made from a material that doesn't cost more than a penny to manufacture! On the other hand I suppose that would mean they would send the work overseas to get the job done due to the cost of labor, which in turn would equate to the loss of more jobs in the good old US!

That problem is not limited to just pennies. Yet another example are nickels, which cost 9.5 cents each to manufacture and distribute! Does that make any cents sense? Suddenly this brings an entirely new meaning to penny wise, pound foolish!

Whatever your viewpoint is about pennies, remember to value every penny you receive, and spend them wisely!

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