Penny Pinchers Use Cereal Bags and Boxes

If you're a penny pincher you most likely come up with innovative ways to pinch your pennies tight! As any penny pincher knows the more pennies you pinch the further your dollar goes and the more you can save. It's also helpful to utilize items in multiple ways rather than tossing them once they served only one purpose.

Are you about to throw out your cereal box and the inner bag? Stop! You might find this useful! Here's one of my penny pincher tips to help you meet your penny pinching goals by making use of cereal boxes and bags!

Cereal bags are good quality thick plastic, especially if they're the type of plastic bag found inside cereal boxes. The cereal bags are great for storing meat and other foods in the refrigerator or freezer. You can make the bags even more effective for storing perishables if you use a bag sealer to seal the bags once you have added the contents. The bags can also make a great protective package for shipping items from your eBay auctions or other online business when you need to protect shipped contents from potential exposure to moisture during shipping. That's the tip for the bags, but what about the cereal boxes?

Although cereal boxes are not a heavy cardboard they are close to the weight of cardboard used for gift boxes. They make great gift boxes for items such as shirts and other small clothing items, as well as other gifts. To make the box more attractive for your recipient, apply some spray glue or adhesive to the outside of the box, and wrap it with gift wrap, wallpaper, brown paper bags with your own artwork, or use it as a foundation for scrap-booking papers to customize the gift box. Once the cereal box is wrapped up in gift wrap or your own creative scrap-booking designs, the recipient of your gift will never know you used a cereal box unless they're also a cereal hound and have read my penny pincher tip here on Money Illusions!

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