Penny Pinchers Tax Deduction Freebie

Are you in need of another tax deduction? And, do you have a need for address labels? Address labels are always handy to have available, but did you know you can get address labels for free, and get a tax deduction at the same time?

Years ago I ordered address labels, but then quickly learned how to get FREE address labels and a tax deduction at the same time! Since then, I've never ordered address labels again. So, what's the catch to get address labels for free, along with a tax deduction?

It's easy! Simply make a donation to an organization such as the American Bible Society, American Cancer Society, or other non-profit organization of your choice. Many charitable entities provide free address labels to those who have donated and contributed funds to their organization! In return, the organizations are hoping that you will of course donate additional funds, which I'm sure you'll probably do.

The best part of the deal is that you are contributing funds to an organization of your choice, and to one that is working for a good cause. Secondly, your donation is tax deductible so you can't complain about that! In that you do not purchase the address labels they essentially are free, but keep in mind a donation to the organization will certainly be appreciated since they sent you free address labels.

We hope to see you back for our future penny pincher tips! In the mean time, keep pinching more pennies!

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