Penny Pinchers Catalog Shopping Tip

Do you like making purchases through mail order catalogs? If mail order catalogs generally get the best of you, here's one of my quick tips that may save you from spending too much money on mail order merchandise. In fact, if this proves to be as affective for you as it is for me, you may discover you don't need to order anything from catalogs any longer.

Although there is nothing wrong with making purchases from mail order catalogs, many of them give you incentives to order more because of discounts on shipping prices at certain price thresholds. This generally causes us to want to order more from the catalog, which of course means we'll spend more too. This is good for the mail order industry, but bad for us as the penny pincher consumer! Here's a tip that you should find affective:

When you receive your favorite mail order catalog make your selections for the merchandise you decided you can't live without. Once you make your selection now you need to change your habit. This is the turning point at which you would normally go ahead and place your order online or send in a check with an order form, but hold on -- because this is the point at which you need to hold off on making that purchase to pinch more pennies!

Rather than placing your order, set the catalog on a counter-top, desk, or table that you frequently use. For at least one week, each time you sit at that table or use the counter-top or desk, look at the items again in the catalog. If you do that for at least a week you give yourself a "cooling off" period, which will help you lose your sense of urgency for ordering the items. If you cooled off long enough, before you know it you'll realize you CAN live without the item because the newness of the item has already begun to grow old!

For me, that works great to keep me from making an impulsive decision about ordering a catalog item. As I mentioned above, if it works for you then you will have pinched more pennies! Now congratulate yourself for applying this shopping self-control strategy for pinching pennies!

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