Penny Pincher Secret to Save Money

Got pennies? Then you have the ability to save for your future! It may sound silly, but one of the biggest money illusions is to believe that your pennies aren't worth anything. Think again!

For every penny you save, the value of the penny grows and suddenly it adds up - so how can you complain about saving your pennies? Now obviously your pennies are not going to grow or breed overnight sitting in your penny jar or piggy bank, so the first step is to get them out of the jar once they're accumulated and then saved in an interest bearing account! Sorry to say, but your pink porcelain pig won't pay you interest if you leave the pennies there!

Here's the ultimate penny pincher tip; "Never underestimate the power of not spending. A penny saved is equal to 1.3 to 2 cents earned, when you factor in taxes you’re likely to incur on an earned penny."

The fact is, every penny adds up to nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars and so on, so before you think pennies can't add up consider the value of becoming a penny pincher if you're not one already!

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