Money Illusions of Shoe Box Savings

When I was a child I believed a money illusion in regards to what the bank does with our money when we deposit it into a savings account. My obvious erroneous perception about money was due to ignorance as a child, which led me to believe only my wild imagination.

When a person went to a bank to make a deposit, I believed the bank placed their money in a box labeled with the customers name, and then stored the box containing their money on a shelf inside the bank! Deceived by my imagination, I also envisioned the box being only the size of a shoe box. My reasoning was due to the perception that a bank only had so much room for storing all the boxes, so they couldn't possibly be any larger than a shoe box!

Yes, I realize it does sound silly, but if you have children you may need to ask yourself, "What do my young children believe in regards to where the money goes when you deposit it at the bank?"

Hopefully you're children are not as ignorant as I was about money. At the very least please let them know that when they think about saving enough money, they need to think much bigger than a shoe box!

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