Debit and Credit Card Reader Scams

It's in the news again! Just last night in our local news they reported that identity theft crooks are now modifying the card readers at gas stations to collect debit and credit card numbers and pin numbers. The thief then returns hours later to collect their device and downloads the banking information into their computers so they can withdraw funds.

You can call me paranoid, but I've never used ATM machines, which are also another machine that the identity theft crooks can modify with their own card reader. Just as they have done at some gas station pumps, crooks create an electronic device, which they attach to an ATM machine. The unaware banking customer then scans their ATM card to withdraw money from their account, but they don't realize the crooks scanner is collecting all of the card reader data to steal their card number, pin number etc! Watch the video below to learn more about the savvy crooks scam, which began in 2004 in the UK.

In general, never use a card reader at a gas station, ATM machine or other location that may appear to be flimsy in appearance since it may be a spoof reader to collect your information. As stated in the video below it's also recommended that you avoid using a card reader if the reader device is protruding out from the other parts of the machine. If it is protruding out from the machine then it may be a spoof card reader that has been attached.

Most importantly, always create a shield with your other hand as you enter a pin number into any device. Without your pin number, thieves cannot succeed at stealing your hard earned money. If you suspect a fake, report it to the attendant, merchant, or call the emergency number for the banks ATM.

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