Theft Prevention. Shed Some Light on It

If there's one thing a smart thief or burglar doesn't like, it's a well lit area. On the other hand now that I said "smart thief" that's really an oxymoron. Perhaps it would be better to say that most thieves prefer to break into a home or business with a dark or dimly lit entrance or window.

Several years ago my husband installed an outdoor Victorian lamp post next to our driveway on the side of our house. At first when we installed it we did it with the intention to make it easier for guests to see when they exit or enter their car from our driveway. We really had not thought about the light as an added security measure, but it really added extra peace of mind as it lights up the entire side of our home and cars. The light is also wired to a motion sensor nearby so it really serves as an added theft prevention measure while adding convenience.

Outdoor lighting really is important to help protect your property from vandalism, thieves and burglars and especially if the lights are hooked up to a motion sensor. At night, now if we hear a noise from that side of our home we can easily peek through our window to see if anyone has tripped the motion sensor to the light post.

Outdoor lights are available in a variety of styles including pier mount lanterns, post mount lanterns like the one we installed, flood lights, deck lights, landscape lighting and many other styles. An outdoor flood lights are available for a very inexpensive price. Although a flood light is not very decorative, it surely will chase a would-be thief away!

Increased lighting just might serve as an added theft prevention measure for your home or business, and if installed with a motion sensor it will even shed some greater light on your theft prevention efforts.

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