Losing Your Memory and Mind

Everyday, millions are affected by debilitating disease. For some it comes in the form of losing their mobility, but for those burdened with Alzheimer's disease they can also lose their memory and mental capacity.

Slowly the victim of Alzheimer's is gripped with the disease and may not even realize what's occurring until their family or friends notice there is something amiss. Familiar faces, names and places become a thing of the past, and an unreachable memory within the brain. Sadly, the condition deteriorates the well-being of the individual, and some victims of Alzheimer's must be locked up within a facility to protect them from wandering off and being lost.

For several years I worked for a funeral home with families and spouses to help them plan the final arrangements for their loved ones. Some days it was quite difficult to deal with the emotional toll Alzheimer's leaves the victim and their families to deal with. It was a very common illness many of my clients loved ones were faced with.

Emotionally it is very difficult for the family members and friends involved because they begin to grieve the loss of their loved one, sometime many years before they actually pass. This is due to the loss of their mental capacity and freedom. Mentally their gone before their body has given up.

One woman I worked with was the sole care-giver for her husband suffering from Alzheimer's. She was experiencing such guilt due to the fact that she finally had to place her husband in a facility to keep him confined. Otherwise he would get up in the middle of the night and collapse on the floor, or if he made it far enough he would wander outside. She had no other choice but to institutionalize him.

For many years there was not much information or understanding about the disease, but now more programs are available to address the illness and to provide support to the families. Memory Walk is an organization which provides fund raising for Alzheimer's. If you have a loved one affected by Alzheimer's, then this is for you!

The Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk is the nation's largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research. Memory Walk holds annual walks in communities across the US, and since 1989 they have raised over $225 million. The event needs volunteers of all ages, to help fight against the debilitating disease.

Memory Walk needs team captains immediately! Each Team Captain needs to sign up early to assist in recruiting a team and with raising funds for the national cause. For my area, there's a Memory Walk being held September 9, 2007 at Sand Point Magnuson Park, Seattle. Locate the Memory Walk in your area and sign up as a team Captain!

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