Life Insurance Policy Exclusions

Are you familiar with what your life insurance policy exclusions may be? Generally with life insurance the old saying, "You pay. You die. They pay." applies. However, with some types of coverage such as accidental death and dismemberment there are exclusions you would want to be aware of. In comparison to even inexpensive term life insurance, accidental death coverage is very cheap due to the exclusions in the accidental death contracts. Another concern is if you were to get killed by robots - lol.

With life insurance contracts in general you may also not be covered if you engage in dangerous sports or fly aircraft unless you have the proper riders or rating if death occurs from those events. Although it's not common, some contracts will not cover the death of the insured if death occurred from an act of war.


Sarakastic said...

This was the most brilliant thing ever, thanks for the laugh

Tammara Nelson said...

Hi Sarakastic,

It's no surprise to me that you enjoyed this off the wall humor - lol. Thanks for commenting. :-)