Humorous Pet Food Blooper

Years ago in the 1970's one of my sisters gave me a little Peanuts Cook Book. The other day I recalled one of the recipe's in the Peanuts Cook Book, and how funny it struck me, as it seems to be a word blooper!

We've all seen or read bloopers and have experienced a good laugh from them. I consider this to be a blooper in regards to the bad choice of words used in the recipe, but, maybe it's just me. The recipe is for "Snoopy's Steak Tarter", which is a dog food recipe.

Let's take a closer look below at the main ingredient for the recipe. Then ask yourself, "Whose pet was it?
Should we be concerned?
Perhaps the author of the cookbook had economics in mind to create a low-cost pet food by using resources from their neighborhood? Just to play it safe, beware of any of your neighbors that may have this recipe. They may be looking for pet meat! Be sure to keep Fido locked up.

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