Fairground Game Scams

With Summertime into full swing the fairgrounds are booming and raking in the money. Win or lose, fairground games are fun to play, but not for very long if you consistently lose. With each attempt to win, the only winner ends up being the merchant who suckered us into the fairground game, and on a rare occasion the player wins the prize, but often not until they've paid far more than what the so-called prize is worth.

A form of gambling, the fairground game scams are placing their bets that you can't succeed at the game to win the stuffed animal or other worthless prize, so they continue to come out ahead. Much like a casino slot machine working in the merchants favor, so is the strategy of the fairground games.

Bottle bowling is one example of fairground game scams, which only keep the ball rolling in the vendors favor. The next time you visit the fairgrounds, remember that it really isn't fair ground after all!

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