"Money! Get away. Get a good job and you're OK!" Recognize those lyrics? If not, then you will once you play the video below. I was in high school when this song was a major hit. 1974 was the year, but money represents the same things then as it does today.

Even though it may grow or disappear, money is timeless because every economic status and every economy revolves around it, and it will never be out of style. Large or small -- no country can survive without it. Poor or wealthy -- one can never seem to have enough.

Contrary to what many may think, one point that is true about money -- it does not buy happiness because it will not fill the void in ones soul. Money either corrupts people, or it brings out the best from a generous heart. It drives human emotions such as fear and greed. When it's all said and done, we cannot take it with us.

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