Identity Theft Protection for Your Computer

Many people fall prey to identity theft due to their computer not being fully protected. Malicious attacks result from the effects of spy ware and malicious code. Some are not aware that from the first moment they log onto the Internet their computer is vulnerable to attack, and they may not even know their computer was attacked! We all need good protection, otherwise our computers can become our worst enemy for setting us up for identity theft. Is there a spy among your computer?

This last year my computer was hit by a malicious code. As I imagine most of you are, I'm very careful as to where I surf online, but even so the files with malicious codes are planted out there for us to hit, much like a minefield. I thought I would share how my computer was attacked.

One afternoon just after I updated my blog with a pinging service I selected the services page where it showed the recently updated blogs. Unfortunately one of the recently updated blogs which I clicked on, was not a blog at all! It led to a file being opened and spyware was loaded into my computer! Although my anti-virus program immediately alerted me to the danger, it was a huge mental load working through the steps to rid my computer of the malicious codes. The files were planted throughout much of my computer programs. Some prefer to leave files quarantined, but I prefer to get them out of my computer completely so it was a daunting task! The list of files the malicious codes attacked was staggering.

An entire day and then some was lost in order to deal with eliminating the files that were quarantined. Finally, in order to get rid of most of the spyware I had to uninstall quite a few programs from my computer completely! At that point the quarantined files remaining were still a staggering amount as the spyware had attacked my operating system as well. After eliminating many of the files by uninstalling many programs I then selected to eliminate the files in quarantine, however that is always a risky process due to the fact you may delete files needed for critical needs for your computer.

If you have not adequately protected your computer you need to take care of that immediately. Chances are you may have malicious codes on your computer!

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CreditUser said...

I'm always afraid of something happening with my computer. There are so many valuable documents which I can never be able to renew if something happens. Spy Sweeper seems to be a fair way out.