Avoid Work at Home Scams

Money laundering and the Nigerian scams are all over the place on the Internet and often come through spoof or spam emails. It's discouraging to me how many people do not bother to report those to the authorities when they come across them. You should consider contacting the authorities such as the Secret Service to report money laundering scams you encounter. One key role of the Secret Service is for going after money laundering fraudsters. It's very important to report money laundering in order to help eliminate that problem. One reason is due to the fact that money laundering is very destructive to any economy!

So, please report those as you are approached by those crooks or come across those scams! NEVER respond to the person by telling them that you will turn them in! By doing so they may then erase the potential tracks such as websites or emails that the authorities can use to catch them! It's best to not respond to those emails at all, and simply report them!

One helpful tip I would like you to think about is the problem with submitting your resume to a website such as Monster.com. The problem with doing so is that it opens the door to you receiving tons of offers from those attempting to find their next victim of their Nigerian scam or of money laundering. For that reason, I've never posted my resume to an online site such as Monster. Then when I do get a spoof offer from someone using their site for a scam I know right away it's spoof. That in fact was exactly what occurred today in my email. I ended up getting a spoof offer purporting to be from Monster, which it was not! The spoof email represents yet another fraudster I need to report!

You do have to be a watch dog and exercise a great deal of caution in order to not fall for many of the work at home scams that are waiting for their next victim. Hopefully you will not be the next victim!

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