Work Scams Everywhere

If you're dream is to work from home you are among the millions with the same goal, and from a variety of countries. In that I've been self-employed nearly most of my work life I've faced my fair share of criticism from family and friends who attempt to discourage me from pursuing my dreams.

Often what I've found is that many people think that working from home or pursuing self-employment will result in temptation from many scams. Yes, the scams are out there, but what about working from outside the home? Scams exist in the workplace as well, and scams are no respecter of geographical location etc.

If you're tired of work and you are met with criticism from your family when you discuss self-employment, you may want to consider the fact that just as someone can get caught up in a scam by working from home, one can also get caught up working for a business that operates in crooked ways. It just goes to prove that scams are everywhere, and regardless of where you may work.

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