Fraudulent Blog Posts

For those of us who work hard with our creative works through writing it's always disturbing to know that there are those who will copy our work and repost it on their blog. If that's not bad enough there are also those who are guilty of plagiarism and recreate the article to claim it as their own.

However, there are also times when one is not deliberately attempting to copy or recreate another writers works, but simply telling a story they may have heard from someone else, and thereby accidentally plagiarizing someones works.

As a blogger the best rule of thumb to live by is to never copy another websites content. If you wish to share another sites content it is permissible to use a very small amount of it like a few sentences as long as you include a link to the remainder of the article.

As for those who write fraudulent blog posts, that is sometimes accomplished by robots which scrape the information off your website or blog. Now that is quite disturbing and yet another example of not just plagiarism, but outright deliberate fraud. Unfortunately in the world of technology those things are going to happen, and the robots have no respect for a statement such as the one below!

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