Scam Concealed as a What?

What will they think of next? Scams are created in every way, shape and form. In this case the scam came covered in sheep's clothing! This turned out to be a really baaaad scam for dog lovers in Japan.

Imagine this: You purchase one of the most sought after pets in Japan, which is a white poodle and you paid a high price for it, and bought it as an "accessory". You know, one of those stylish puppies you can dress up! You then take your furry friend in to have it's nails trimmed only to be told it has hooves!

Worse yet, pretend you're a famous movie star and you appear on a talk show in front of millions of viewers as you express your concerns because your poodle will not bark, or eat dog food. Then you learn you were scammed along with around 2000 other people in Japan who purchased a poodle, which turned out to be a sheep! I think I would be feeling a bit sheepish by then.

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