Bad Behavior

Over the years societies throughout the world have become heavily populated with individuals who have allowed their children to go undisciplined, and those children have grown up to become masters of well, let's just say - bad behavior!

None of this comes as a surprise, and it really is no different than it has been in the past, or is it? Bad behavior will always exist in every society, but now that we are well into the day and age of the Internet it seems that either bad behavior is more prevalent now than in the past. Most likely too in that we are exposed to it readily each day it seems it is more prevalent. Technology has also permitted those with bad behavior to play their games in an easier way, but it's also due to technology that they can be stopped as well. Spammers are a prime example of those who evidently grew up with bad behavior written all over their brains! The good news though is the fact that there are also people who were raised to exercise good behavior, and they are the ones to come up with the programs to stop the bad guys.

Ever since that blog hit a pr 3 I've been getting hit with way too much spam. Although I always utilize comment moderation, the spammers with their bad behavior still continued, and it would be caught by the program known as Akismet. However, the problem was with the fact that it was even getting that far and it was obvious that my blog could have been hit with malicious code getting through, so it had to be stopped!

The other day I installed one of those programs made by the good guys, to stop the spammers from infiltrating my other blog. The program name? Bad Behavior of course - lol! The good news is that the Bad Behavior program has been excellent and performing even beyond my expectations.

Now that I have Bad Behavior installed and working in tandem with Akismet, I'm quite happy with the line of defense built around my WordPress blog! In less than a week Bad Behavior has stopped over 800 attacks! This is probably the only time in my life that I will be thankful for anything called Bad Behavior!


Chelsea said...

Kudos to you for posting this! I agree that we need to educate ourselves about all of the new scams out there. I work in collections and we have a growing problem with 'work at home' scams. Some people owe thousands of dollars because of these scams. Hopefully posts like yours will teach people to do their research.

Tammara Nelson said...

Thank you Chelsea!

Your comment is appreciated and encourages me to continue to share that type of information with people through blogging! Thanks again!

Mark said...

Ugh, spammers are the lowest of the low. Honestly, how do they sleep at night knowing they're the flies swarming around a pile of, well, you know. :)

I've used Bad Behavior before but figured I was doubling up too much, so I turned it off and have been using Spam Karma 2. Quite a lot of work has gone into it. But I always have my eye on BB.

Tammara Nelson said...

Thanks Mark for doing the Link & Blog Challenge with me! It was fun, and it gave me an opportunity to vent some of my frustration about spam! Let's fry it up for breakfast!

Mike Crowl said...

Have you seen in the news how the so-called 'king of spam' has been convicted? Ain't that good news?

Tammara Nelson said...

Hi Mike!

Yes, I did see that on the news and it is wonderful to hear! Although he was referred to as the "King of Spam" it's my understanding that he wasn't currently in the top 10 list of the worst ones, or the most wanted ones. Perhaps it will help a bit with spam reduction. :)