Auto Theft Security Tips

Keeping car thieves from stealing your pride and joy is not always an easy task. Auto theft is a popular crime among drug addicts, and as you know drug addiction is out of control in most of the world. That of course leads to more auto theft and it all becomes a vicious circle. Vehicle identification numbers (VIN) are also vulnerable, as thieves are even stealing those!

There are numerous ways you can protect your vehicle for added security and theft prevention. Auto alarms can easily be tampered with by the more savvy auto theft criminal. It doesn't mean you should dump your car alarm, but you should consider other means of improving your security.

If you are in the market for purchasing a new or used vehicle you may want to do additional research for which vehicles are targeted most often. You may assume that unless you drive a luxury car you may not be a target, but that simply is not true. One of the most popular vehicles for auto theft in past years has been the Toyota Camry since parts were so plentiful for the chop shops.

One method of beefing up your theft prevention strategy to protect your vehicles is called "glass etching" and it involves having traceable numbers etched into your auto glass.

No harm is done to your auto glass to get it done, but the auto thieves will not find your car as favorable as those without glass etching.

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