Car Accident & Insurance Fraud

There's much more to road rage than most really stop to think about. Insurance fraud is often the motive behind the road rage driver. There's big money to be made with insurance fraud and there are organized insurance fraud rings that make a living at it.

Insurance companies are much wiser now in regards to staged accidents, but have you armed yourself with any information on how to avoid becoming a victim of a staged accident? Your car just may be the next target for one such scheme, but if you are armed with some basic information you may be able to avoid it.

One trick used by insurance fraudsters involves them targeting large vehicles such as semi-trucks. That's one big rig you don't want to get tangled up with on the highway. Here are some tips to help keep you safer on the road, and these tips may also save you from becoming a target from an insurance fraudster.

Stay out of a truck's blind spots or "No Zones." Actually you want to be sure to stay out of everyones blind spot!

Do not swerve in front of a truck or cause the driver to come to a sudden stop. Give trucks plenty of room.

Do not cut off a large truck or passenger bus. Some individuals have been killed by being too close to a truck by cutting them off, and getting rear ended. Others have become a victim of the insurance fraudsters by getting sandwiched between trucks! So stay clear of the big rigs, and leave them plenty of space!

Those are just a few tips to keep you safer on the road. But, what about your teen driver?

Be sure your teen driver is aware of the games people play, and make sure they don't get caught up in them. For teen drivers, GEICO added "Teens and Trucks" to its online library of safe driving materials. The brochure, developed with the American Moving and Storage Association, includes valuable information for teens on how to safely share the highway with large trucks.

Teens aren't the only ones needing access to that type of information. That's why provide educational materials at no cost to families, driving classes, law enforcement officials and state agencies. Play it safe by driving defensively.

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