Travel Safety Tips

This is the time of year that many will be loading into the airports to fly out for a family gathering for the holidays. It's easy to get all caught up in the excitement of departing for your trip and arriving at your destination.

Excitement often replaces common sense and can leave us vulnerable and potential victims of crime, especially when traveling to other lands we are unfamiliar with. Here are some quick travel tips to consider in order to elevate your level of safety.
1. Research your destination before you depart. Become familiar with what your surroundings will be like once you arrive, and you may even want to research the crime statistics for where you will be staying. It's better to be cautious than sorry.

2. Don't flaunt your expensive jewelry or other expensive attire. Hundreds of years ago the wealthy didn't wear their fine jewelry when traveling. They wore costume jewelry in case they were robbed the loss would be minimal. Hmm, you perhaps may think that sounds like a paranoid idea, but then again there's much wisdom to be found in doing so.

3. Be sure to have your proper documents with you such as your passport, but be very cautious in regards to where you have it stored between use, and don't have it hanging from a pocket easy to pick.

4. Familiarize yourself with some of the laws for your destination. In some parts of the world you could be in major trouble just by having chewing gum! Huh? Is that real?

5. While doing typical tourist activities like taking photos remain aware of your surroundings and others in your area. Some criminals are just waiting for a distracted tourist to take advantage of.

6. Be willing to take some sound advice from the locals. Sometimes they will share information with you in regards to places to avoid at night or other good safety tips.

7. Be prepared in case your credit cards or debit cards are stolen. Keep the phone number for the card issuer someplace else on your persons in case you need to call and report a stolen card. If your wallet or card is stolen the phone number on the back of the card will not be available!

8. Travel as lightly as possible. The less you take the less your exposure of loss if it should occur.

9. Distribute your cash in various pockets and don't keep it all in your wallet. If you are robbed or in a situation where you are forced to surrender your wallet at least they won't get it all if you have money in your pockets too!

10. If you decide to deviate from some of your tourist activities be sure you plan wisely when doing so. Impulsive decisions often cause us to make mistakes

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