Take a Trip Down Memory Lane

Here's something for fun to think about. Have you ever wondered what happened to all the drive-through theatres? Is there a strange reason most of them have disappeared? Probably not, in that home theatre has come onto the movie watching scene. But what ever happened to the days of (now classic) cars parked row after row in front of the movie screen?

It's been quite a few years since my husband and I have watched a movie at a drive-in theatre, but one story I recall was when we were trouble-makers in our younger years before we were married.

Now keep in mind this story is from our teen years , and of course like us, most people in that age group do things they are not suppose to do! We had a car-load of us ready to drive into the theatre, but several blocks down the road our friend who owned the car pulled over. This was part of our plan since several of us were going to sneak into the theatre inside the trunk of the car to cut down on the expense. After all you wanted to make sure you had enough money for popcorn and pop, right? So there we were up to something phishy and off to the theatre we went with two of us in the trunk.

We made it through the ticket booth and thought we were home free. However, it of course is not that easy to have two people climb out of a trunk and not be noticed, once the car is parked in front of hundreds of others! Naturally there were many eyeballs focused on the fact that two people popped out of the trunk! So as you have guessed, to bring the story to a close - yes we were caught, and rightfully so! That was one movie we didn't watch as we were commanded to drive right back out of the theatre. No surprise, huh?

Speaking of drive-in theatres, if you are into Street Racing SPEEDtv will be featuring Speed's own "Lost Drive-In" Marathon on Nov 25 at 3pm EST featuring Grand Prix and Rebel Without a Cause". So there you have it, the inspiration for me to take you on a trip down memory lane! One last word, is that I need to mention, "this post sponsored by Speedtv.com" to you!

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