Scale Down to Zero Commute?

The desire for people to work at home is growing, but unfortunately as you know there are many scam artists out there looking to capitalize on the work at home market by marketing programs, and offering them as so called "employment" opportunities. You must consider carefully what offers you may want to respond to, and do plenty of research before you respond!

Although I'm a very optimistic person I have become more skeptical over time in regards to many of the work at home opportunities, due to the amount of fraudulent offers people have to swim through in order to find a legitimate one.

One word of caution is to proceed slooooowly! Don't be too anxious to jump into an opportunity out of desperation for a work at home position. One example where I see this occur often is from reading situations people post in forums. I see it nearly every week where someone is posting a "help me" type of thread in the forum because they desperately need income, and they are looking for a work at home position to quickly commit to. This is where once again a person needs to simply sloooow down. When we are in a position of desperation, that is when we make decisions that are not sound ones, and that is when we become vulnerable to the schemes created by fraudsters.

Consider also if you should depart from your existing employment for a work at home position. You certainly want to be sure you do not leave employment that is bringing in the bacon on a regular basis, in order to take on a work at home position that turns out to be run by fraudsters simply wanting to make money off you, or to do their dirty laundering of money.

In closing I'm sure one major motivation for most people wanting to find a work at home or WAH opportunity is to scale down to a zero commute! Don't you just love that term, "Zero Commute!" I wish I could claim that clever term as my creation, but it belongs to the creativity of a fellow by the name of Chris, who has a work at home blog that you will want to read.

In one of his articles, "Skills that Pay the Bills" he is very wise with statements like, "As a researcher of the work at home marketplace..." Did you hear what he said there? There is much wisdom to be learned from that one sentence of his in regards to stressing the importance of RESEARCHER! You must become a good researcher in order to scale down to a zero commute, so do your homework!

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