Off on the Wrong Foot

If you are a professional and you receive a companies attempt to recruit you, there is one type of method used for recruiting that is older than the hills and shady at best. I've recently received two such proposals, and in that they started off on the wrong foot with their attempt to recruit me I have to say, "Go away!"

Here's the line that is a true turn-off for a professional to receive, "I have been trying to reach you." Yeah, right and I fell off the turnip truck yesterday! Talk about unprofessional! It's a poor excuse for, "I don't have your phone number but I'll lead you on to believe I've tried to call you."

To add to their unprofessional statement is their approach in general. The letter comes in a plain envelope without a return address, or letterhead. The enclosed note is sloppily written by hand on a small scratch pad piece of paper, once again no letterhead.

Then out of curiosity I decide to call the phone number, which is only accompanied by a first name. A person answers only disclosing the name of the individual on the piece of paper I have received. Then I ask them what company I have called and although they informed me I won't be writing it here. My reply then pretending I'm real ignorant was, "I wonder how they got my name?" Can you believe the person then hung up on me!

Three strikes and you're out I say! First the unprofessional envelope and scrawny piece of paper, then the outright lie trying to convince me that they tried to reach me, and then finally they hung up on me! Get real!

If you are reading this and you are with the company that is using this tactic you need to understand that the only individuals you will be able to recruit are the ones that are as shady as you, which will also mean they will be very unprofessional and not someone a quality client will want to deal with either. End of rant!

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