Micro Manage Your Microwave

If there was ever an appliance that one would think operated in a rather phishy manner I would have to say it's a microwave oven! Of course kids have also gotten themselves into trouble with microwaves as well.

A bit off topic from my normal subjects, but I couldn't resist to share my microwave story. I purchased my first microwave in 1979. Now you are probably wondering how I remembered the date so well, but that's another story for another day.

The first microwave I purchased was a mega beast! It was huge! The bigger the better, right? Not so these days, but none the less that was the thought back then before electronics scaled down in size.

So, what to cook? I thought, "Hey, I could do a toasted cheese sandwich!" I grabbed two slices of bread and tossed them into the toaster to get them crisp. Then I spread on some butter and finally the main ingredient, lots of cheddar cheese. Into the microwave it goes. Read the instructions? Nah! No need to do that, right? So I zapped my sandwich and zapped it was! I had set the microwave for two minutes and turned my back. Now as I mentioned, this was my first experience with a microwave so I really didn't know you had to micro-manage a microwave!

The timer went off and my mouth was watering for the cheese sandwich....well - doh! What cheese sandwich? The cheese had disintegrated into a pile of goo oozing out from the bread all over the microwave plate. The fats and oils were separated from the remainder part of the cheese and the bread was like a chunk of leather soaked in oil. Well, okay so much for my cheese sandwich! Next time follow the instructions!

Microwaves have come a long ways and now with more experience I don't have to micro-manage the microwave oven, but it's still a good idea to use a microwave guide! If only I had read the instructions or had a guide like this one back then! They have reviews of various brands, price guides and other useful information if you are in the market for a microwave.

Although the newer ones don't require that you micro-manage them, just be sure to be realistic when setting the timer!

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