Keyless Entry

Have you ever walked up to the front door of your home and tried to use your automobile's remote control to unlock the door to your house? Well, as ridiculous as it may sound I have, and on more than one occasion!

We live in a push button society with many luxuries to make even the simplest tasks easier, such as opening a front door. Each time I've tried to subconsciously use my car remote to open my front door I've entertained the thought of changing the lock over to a keyless type of lock. So, what would the options be I've wondered?

The first option that comes to mind is the keyless numeric pad where you punch in some numbers rather than turning a key. However, after much thought it seems that type of mechanism would really not be better than just using a key, and the appearance of that type of technology is anything but appealing. If it's something that won't make it easier to open the door than using a key then there is not much sense in converting over to a different type. Turning the wheels in the brain once more to reconsider the possibilities I have to wonder what the other options just may be?

Of course one other important consideration is the fact that whatever the type of mechanism is that I would choose, it would need to provide effective security for my home as well. There would be no sense in replacing security with convenience when it comes to using a keyless entry.

Technology has finally caught up with the James Bond movies! Did you know you can finally purchase a fingerprint door lock for your home? That means all we would need to open our front door with would be our finger! No keys to hunt for or to try to use with our arms full of groceries! The technology is also available at an affordable price too!

Although I've never lost my keys the convenience of not having to grab for keys is certainly appealing when returning with bags of groceries in my arms. I suppose the down-side though is what James Bond would have perhaps feared - someone cutting off his finger to open the door!

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